Domestic Window Cleaning Services, Penrith

Domestic Window Cleaning Services

Domestic Window Cleaning Services

Domestic Window Cleaning

Jetstream Cumbria offer a wide range of domestic window cleaning services.

We use a ladder-less Reach and Wash System with pure deionised water, which goes through an intensive filtration process to remove all hard water deposits and other contaminants. That is why it is perfect for window cleaning as it leaves a crystal clear and streak free shine. We use hot deionised water to enable us to remove more dirt from the frames and glass faster and more effectively than cold deionised water can.

Our system can reach 60ft easily and safely. We also offer the traditional method of window cleaning – Mop Applicator & Squeegee – for internal windows.

Jetstream Cumbria are one of the only window cleaners in the area to be using hot deionised water. We offer a high quality and value for money service and always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

How it works

Deionized water is pure water that has undergone an ion exchange process to remove molecules, ions and atoms from tap water. Deionisation is the filtration process that removes impurities like organic materials carbon dioxide chlorine and minerals which cause the spotting and streaking on the glass.

Jet Stream Cumbria - window cleaning services, Penrith

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